Water Distribution

This program provides installation and maintenance of the water distribution and transmission system, installs new domestic water connections, fire service connection and fire hydrants. The division maintains the Mad River transmission line from Arcata to Eureka, reads all meters and assists the Finance Department with collection process. The division strives to protect and maintain water quality within the distribution system, tests and repairs City backflow prevention devices, and tests private backflow devices to ensure proper operation.

Please call (707) 441-4203 to report a water issue  during business hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Water emergencies can be reported after hours on the non emergency dispatch line at (707) 441-4044.

For water billing questions, or to activate or deactivate an account, please call our Utility Billing Department at (707) 441-4267.


Brian Issa
Deputy Director of Public Works - Field Operations


Daniel Vit
Field Superintendent


Mario Zuniga
Utility Maintenance Supervisor