Press Release

Licensing your dog in the City of Eureka has changed

No longer will your dog’s license need to be renewed only in June or July each year.  Following the example set by the County of Humboldt, the license will now be due at the same time of year that your dog received its rabies vaccination.

 Now, at the same time of year you take your dog in for his/her rabies shot, you will need to pay the City the annual dog license fee.  Fees are $50.00 per year for each dog - but only $15.00 per year for a spayed or neutered dog ($10.00 for seniors 65 and older).

Since the rabies vaccination for older dogs is good for three years, but your dog license must be paid annually, city staff will mail out an annual reminder during the month your dog’s license is due.  For example, if the rabies vaccination was given in October, your dog’s annual license fee is due in October. You may also purchase a 3-year license if you wish, if the rabies vaccination is valid for three years.

The City license tag is now valid for the life of the dog.  The tag is stamped “Expires Annually with Rabies”.  A replacement tag can be purchased for $5.00 if the original tag gets lost.  

Should any dog owner have questions concerning the change in the dog licensing process, please call the City’s Finance Department at 441-4120.