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City of Eureka “C” Street Projects Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing


Notice Is Hereby Given that, pursuant to the Coastal Act, the City of Eureka is providing “Notice of a Pending Application for Appealable Development.”  The proposed development described below is within the coastal zone and requires a Coastal Development Permit; pursuant to the Eureka Local Coastal Program the Coastal Development Permit is scheduled for a public hearing before the City Council on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, at 6:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, in the Council Chamber, Eureka City Hall, 531 “K” Street, Eureka, California.

Project Title: City of Eureka “C” Street Projects Project

Applicant: City of Eureka                  Case No: CDP-07-0003

Project Location: Foot of “C” Street; APN 001-011-014 & -016, 001-054-041 Zoning & General Plan Designation: Commercial Waterfront and Coastal Dependent Industrial

Project Description: The City of Eureka is proposing development at the foot of “C” Street in the coastal zone that requires approval of a coastal development permit. The proposed development consists of the following:

1.  Fisherman’s Terminal Building: Construction of an approximately 16,400 square foot one-story building at the southwest terminus of “C” Street adjacent to the new commercial fisherman’s dock. The principal use of the new building will be commercial fish processing, an ancillary use will be a small café. The height of the building will not exceed 25 feet.    

2.  Parking Lot: Construction of 41 space landscaped parking lot, including handicap accessible spaces, immediately south of the proposed Fisherman’s Terminal Building.

3.  C Street Plaza: Construction of a 60-foot wide plaza along the 240-foot long portion of “C” Street between First Street and the Boardwalk.  The proposed “C” Street pedestrian plaza will be similar to the existing “F” Street pedestrian plaza.

4.  Market Square: Construction of a public square at the southeastern terminus of “C” Street.  The public square will include amenities similar to those in the proposed “C” Street Plaza and will include permanent, semi-permanent, and removable facilities for public gatherings.

5.  Buhne Warehouse: Deconstruction of the Buhne Warehouse including the salvaging and warehousing of reusable timber. The City has already completed the historic photo-documentation of the Buhne Warehouse required under the certified Program Environmental Impact Report.

Environmental: On February 1, 2005, the City of Eureka certified the Eureka Redevelopment Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the merger of three Redevelopment areas (SCH# 2004072042). The projects described above were analyzed in the Eureka Redevelopment PEIR; no new effects will occur and no new mitigation measures are required for the projects listed above beyond those identified in the PEIR. Therefore, pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines § 15162 no new environmental document is required.

Staff Contact: Sidnie L. Olson, AICP, Principal Planner; City of Eureka, Community Development Department; 531 “K” Street, Eureka, CA 95501-1165; phone: (707) 441-4265, fax: (707) 441-4202, email:

All interested persons are invited to comment on the project either in person at the scheduled public hearing, or in writing.  Written comments on the project may be submitted at the hearing, or prior to the hearing by mailing or delivering them to the Community Development Department, address above.  Accommodations for handicapped access to City meetings must be requested of the City Clerk, 441-4175, five working days in advance of the meeting.  The City’s final action on the coastal development permit is appealable to the California Coastal Commission. An appeal to the California Coastal Commission must be made with the California Coastal Commission within 10 business days from the date of Final City Action. If you appeal the project to the California Coastal Commission or challenge the nature of the proposed action in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues that you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice or written correspondence delivered to the public entity conducting the hearing at or prior to the public hearing.  The project file is available for review at the Community Development Department, Third Floor, City Hall.  If you have questions regarding the project or this notice, please contact Sidnie L. Olson, AICP, Principal Planner, phone: (707) 441-4265; fax: (707) 441-4202; e-mail:  

The Redevelopment Program EIR can be viewed here