Press Release


The City Council of the City of Eureka is preparing to take action on the City of Eureka 2040 General Plan.

The City Council of the City of Eureka will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 15, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. in the Coucnil Chamber, Eureka City Hall, 531 K Street, Eureka, CA, to certify the Environmental Impact Report and adopt project findings, a statmeent of overriding considerations, and the City of Eureka 2040 General Plan.

The public hearing notice can be viewed HERE.

View the latest documents on the General Plan Update website or click HERE.

All interested persons are invited to comment on the draft 2040 General Plan either in person at the scheduled public hearing, or in writing. Written comments on the draft 2040 General Plan may be submitted at the hearing or prior to the hearing by mailing or delivering them to the Community Development Division of the Development Services Department, 531 “K” Street, Eureka, CA 95501; or by emailing them to

As required by State law, the City of Eureka is proposing to adopt the Eureka 2040 General Plan. The general plan provides guidance to local government decision-makers regarding the conservation of resources and the future physical form and character of development for the jurisdiction. The Eureka 2040 General Plan is based on a set of comprehensive goals and policies that in some instances continue and in others expand existing land use patterns, while encouraging new growth in undeveloped and underutilized areas of the City and its Sphere of Influence.

 Major emphases of the 2040 General Plan include improving the City’s quality of life, incentivizing and stimulating new development, stimulating the City’s economy, strengthening the City’s role as an economic center for the region, and enhancing its role as a great place to work and do business. The 2040 General Plan also highlights the importance of fiscal resiliency and efficiency while working to retain and expand existing businesses and increase investment in job opportunities in Eureka. To achieve these goals, the 2040 General Plan is structured to be flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions, while specific enough to provide predictability and consistency in guiding day-to-day decision making.

 The City of Eureka as Lead Agency has prepared for certification an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and project findings and a Statement of Overriding Consideration for adoption.