Press Release

Secondary Dwelling Unit Ordinance Amendment Scheduled for Public Hearing before City Council

The proposed amendments would:

1.         Eliminate the requirement that the property on which a secondary dwelling unit is proposed meet the minimum parcel size and dimensions for the RS-6000 zone district.

2.         Reduce the off-street parking requirement so that only one parking space in addition to what currently exists is required; rather than requiring that the property be brought into full compliance with the parking regulations.

3.         Limit Architectural Review only to new construction or exterior alterations to existing structures rather than to “all construction.”

4.         Delete from the Ordinance the application submittal requirements.

5.         Require that the property owner occupy either the principal or the secondary dwelling unit in perpetuity. Proof of owner occupancy at the time of application for the secondary dwelling unit is eliminated. The Ordinance provides for temporary waiver of the owner-occupancy requirement.

The amendments in strike/out underline can be viewed

The proposed Ordinance, Bill No. 798-C.S. can be viewed