Press Release

Draft Design Review Guidelines

On August 2, 2005, the City Council appointed a Design Review Ad Hoc Committee and gave direction that their tasks would be to:

1.    Review what is currently in place for design review.

2.    Develop threshold standards for over-the-counter approval of design review applications.

3.    Look at the current boundaries of the Architectural Review (AR) district to determine whether it should be expanded.


The first meeting of the Design Review Ad Hoc Committee (DRAHC) was held on August 26, 2005. The DRAHC consisted of ten members: Charlene Cutler-Ploss, Jackie A. Deuschle, Andrew Frazier, Darron Hill, Jeff Katz, Ron Kuhnel, Jill MacDonald, Mary Ann McCulloch, Darlene Penfold, and Travis Schneider.


The DRAHC looked at the existing design review process to see where improvements could be made. It was the unanimous opinion of the DRAHC that the greatest benefit to a more effective design review process would be the development of design guidelines. It was felt that design guidelines would benefit the applicant, neighbors, staff and the decision makers.


The City hired RRM Design Group, Sausalito, CA, to draft a set of Design Guidelines for the City of Eureka. Below are links to the chapters of the October 17, 2008, Public Review Draft City of Eureka Design Guidelines. You are encouraged to review this document and provide comments to the Community Development Department.

The period for commenting on the draft Guidelines has been extended to February 27, 2009.



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