Press Release

Opportunities for General Contractors and Consumers

Attached is information about 2 opportunities that we should all know about and spread the word.

  • CHF financing 3% for Humboldt up to $1950 grants on each project 100% total project cost.
CHF, a division of Regional Coalition of Rural Counties, is offering financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.  The financing is 3% for Humboldt County, 0% for Del Norte, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties.  It funds total project cost and only requires: no judgement against property, current on taxes,between around $25,000-85,000 household income depending on the county, and that you use a participating contractor.  There is up to $1950 grant funding offered for every financed project.

Click Here for Training Flyer

We have a free workshop coming up June 13th in Humboldt and June 14th in Del Norte to help contractors get on the track to becoming CHF Participating Contractors. Right now there are NO participating contractors in the above 4 counties.  This is a fantastic way to add a valuable service to your business model and help save your customers money on their utilities.
  • Up to $4000 incentives from PG&E for energy efficiency improvements

Next there are Energy Efficiency Rebates available from PG&E through Energy Upgrade California that are up to $4000.  Again to get the higher rebates $2500-$4000, you must be a participating contractor.  The requirements are not stringent.  There are opportunities and assistance to meet every requirement available locally.

Click Here for Energy Upgrade Fact Sheet

I am your local Energy Upgrade California Program Manager and I am here to help deliver these opportunities to our community; but I need the Building Contractor community and tradesmen on board so they know the opportunities are available and that they are prepared and qualified to deliver them to our consumers. 

Please register for the CHF workshop,  Space is Limited, by calling (855) 740-8422,
or emailing

If you know any General Contractors (remodeling contractors) or tradesmen that may be interested in these opportunities please pass this information along. Or have them contact me directly.

Thank you,
Heidi Benzonelli
Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Program Manager - Energy Upgrade California
(707) 269-1700 office
(707) 498-5764 cell