Press Release

Eureka Firefighter participates in 110th Boston Marathon

Utilizing the Boston Athletic Association’s website, Eureka Fire Department personnel were able to track Eureka Fire Captain II Chris Jelinek, as he ran in the 110th Boston Marathon, April 17, 2006.  The Boston Athletic Association broadcast every 5-kilometer split to its web site so family and friends can track an athlete’s progress by entering the athlete’s name or bib number.  Chris finished the 40-kilometer race with a time of 3:06:53, placing 3,580 overall out of 19,688 athletes who finished the race.

In order to qualify for the 110th Boston Marathon, athletes must meet the designated time standard that corresponds to their age group.  Qualifying times must be run after September 24, 2004.  Chris qualified for the Boston Marathon October 16, 2005, when he placed 13th overall in the Humboldt Redwoods Marathon, with a time of 3:09:41.