Press Release

Notice of Neighborhood Meeting for Homeless Community Center: Project Proposal

The Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation is proposing to launch a six month pilot project to operate a community day center for disadvantaged and homeless people in the community. In addition, the center will serve as an entryway that allows individuals to access a wide range of services and support.

Please click the link for an overview of the proposal:  OVERVIEW.

All interested persons are invited to comment on the project either in person at the scheduled public meeting, or in writing. Written comments on the project may be submitted at the meeting, or prior to the meeting by mailing, or delivering them to the Eureka Police Dept. Attn: Lynette Mullen, 604 C Street, Eureka, CA.

For questions, please contact Lynette Mullen, Homeless Services Program Manager at 707-441-4232 or via e-mail at: