Press Release

Say Good-bye to Parks & Recreation Department

It’s time to say goodbye to the City of Eureka’s Parks & Recreation Department

Don’t worry….the actual parks division and recreation division isn’t going anywhere, however The City of Eureka’s Parks & Recreation department has undergone a name change. Check out a short video explaining the change by clicking here.

While both the Parks and Recreation Divisions do make up two divisions of the department, the now formerly named Parks & Recreation Department also encompasses four other divisions that provide valuable services to the community including Harbor, Facilities, Zoo and Environmental Services; as well as a multitude of different programs including E.C.O. Eureka, which provide environmental and conservation resources that enhances the quality of life for the people of Eureka, and C.A.P.E. (Community Access Project for Eureka), which provides access to quality of life programs and services to disadvantaged members of our community.

The department will now go by the “Community Services Department,” which more accurately communities the departments function in the City, as well as presents the opportunity for the public to be more clearly aware of additional services offered they may not have been conscious of before due to thinking the department only offered “parks”, and “recreation” services.

Members of the community can go check out all the services offered by visiting