Press Release

Fire Protection Standards of Coverage

The City recently hired the firm of Citygate Associates, Inc. to prepare an innovative Standards of Coverage study for our Fire Department.  Utilizing local data, national guidelines and computer modeling programs, the study is analyzing local infrastructure and geography, department policies, performance standards and other values in an effort to identify and increase local fire protection and efficiency measures.  The study will address current and future service demands, determine risk assessment, analyze adequacy of fire equipment apparatus, and provide fire response options and strategies from which we may (if needed) adjust the quantity and staffing of our fire stations, and determine where they should be located (or relocated) for the most cost effective and efficient services.


The study will further provide the City with draft incident response performance goal recommendations, and establish acceptable levels of local fire protection coverage within priority zones.  A draft of the Plan will be complete by February 2007, and a workshop will be scheduled with the City Council in late February or March.  The City Manager’s office is assisting the City Fire Department in this process.

( SORC Final Report )